Vox at the NAMM show, 1966

Chicago, Conrad Hilton, 10th-14th July

The Conrad Hilton.

Tom Jennings, presumably along with his crew, had room 852 for the display of Vox equipment, along with James Lansing of Lansing speakers, with whom Thomas Organ also did business:

"Billboard" magazine, 4th June, 1966.

Shortly before the show began, Tom registered two guitar designs with the US Patents Office - the "Teardrop" and the "Phantom", both on 27th June '66. These were granted on 17th October, 1967. In the documentation, Tom is named as "assignor" to Warwick Electronics Inc., the company that owned Thomas Organ.

For Vox at the NAMM show in 1965, : an order worth $4,000,000 won from Thomas Organ. 1966 was evidently less lucrative, but even so, a handsome $2,000,000 worth of orders came in, again from Thomas Organ.

"Billboard" magazine, 13th August, 1966.

The syndicated news agencies in Britain, presumably along with Jennings, seem to have had wind of this as early as January, however:

"Coventry Evening Telegraph" 21st January, 1966.

Below, Tom Jennings and Dick Denney at the 1966 NAMM show, demonstrating as ever the Guitar Organ, this time in front of Thomas Organ solid state amplifiers:

Other interviews are collected on the NAMM 1966 website.

A syndicated report of the $2 million order won at the show. "The Birmingham Post", 27th July 1966.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, August 1966.

Accounts of orders won by Jennings are being collected together .

The picture below, said to be NAMM, June 1965, is probably actually July 1966. Note the Thomas Organ Vox Viscount combo amplifier (indicated in the second picture by an arrow) to the left of Reg Clark, Sales Manager for Jennings. June 1965 is too early for a Viscount.

NAMM show, Chicago probably 1966.

Indicated with the arrow, the Vox Viscount. To its right, front row, is Reg Clark, Sales Manager of Jennings, and to his right, Marv Kaiser, Sales Manager of Thomas Organ. Far right, front row, is Joe Benaron, President of the Thomas Organ Company.

An outline list of exhibitors, lacking Thomas Organ, was published in "Billboard" magazine, 4th June, 1966.