Vox at the NAMM show, 1965

Chicago, Conrad Hilton, 27th June - 1st July

By the summer of 1965 Vox was doing well in America. The first shipments had arrived in September 1964 - the result of the arrangement undertaken by Jennings to supply Thomas Organ with $1,000,000 dollar's worth of equipment - the "Million Dollar" deal. A second order came a few monbths later with expectation of more to come - . Advertisements, competitions, and of course the high profile of the Beatles as users of Vox amplifiers, fuelled increasing interest in the range.

At the NAMM show in July 1965, the expectation noted in November 1964 came to fruition. Thomas Organ ordered a further $4,000,000 dollar's worth.

Local Dartford press, 9th July, 1965.

Vox at the NAMM show, Chicago, 1965
Vox at the NAMM show, Chicago, 1965

Stills from a short clip of Tom Jennings with the Thomas Organ people, 119 Dartford Road, February 1965 (not in the Chicago Hilton, 1965, as previously stated). Warwick Electronics Inc. effectively owned the Thomas Organ Company. The document presented to camera (with the "Warwick Electronics Inc." heading) is presumably the one the two parties signed.

Billboard magazine, 26th June, 1965

"Billboard" magazine, 31st July, 1965. Further staff had already been taken on by Jennings in February 1965, so this was an even greater expansion.

The picture below, said to be NAMM 1965, is probably actually 1966. Note the Thomas Organ Vox Viscount combo amplifier (indicated in the second picture by an arrow) to the left of Reg Clark, Sales Manager for Jennings. June 1965 is too early for a Viscount.

NAMM show, Chicago probably 1966.

Indicated with the arrow, the Vox Viscount. To its right, front row, is Reg Clark, Sales Manager of Jennings, and to his right, Marv Kaiser, Sales Manager of Thomas Organ. Far right, front row, is Joe Benaron, President of the Thomas Organ Company.

Below, the outline of the 1965 NAMM show published in "Billboard" magazine - brief and incomplete, but interesting nonetheless:

The schedule of events given in "Billboard" magazine, 26th June, 1965. Jennings is not listed in the outline roster of participants, but neither is Gretsch for that matter.