Vox in North American newspapers, 1965


Adverts that are repeated from week to week are generally omitted from the sequence below. Often in these relatively early adverts there is a merely a simple mention of Vox guitars or amplifiers being available.

The page on April 1965 , and the page on . Further pages will be added, month by month.

"Daily Independent Journal" (San Rafael, California), 3rd May. Sherman Clay Music.

"New Journal" (Delaware), 13th May. Delaware Music Center.

"Arizona Republic", 13th May. Totem Music.

"Atlanta Constitution", 19th May. Alverson Piano Company.

"Fort Worth Star Telegram", 22nd May. King Music Company.

"Independent Press Telegram", California, 25th May. Gilmore Music.

"Phoenix Gazette", Arizona, 27th May. Totem Music. Repeated in the "Arizona Republic", 28th May.

"Gilmer Mirror", Texas, 27th May. Totem Music. Longview Piano and Organ Company.

"Miami Herald", Florida, 27th May.

"Poughkeepsie Journal", New York, 28th May. Totem Music. Music Town Inc.