Vox in North American newspapers, 1965


Adverts that are repeated from week to week are generally omitted from the sequence below. Often in these relatively early adverts there is a merely a simple mention of Vox guitars or amplifiers being available.

The page on January 1965 , and the page on . Further pages will be added, month by month.

"York Daily Record", Philadelphia, 5th March. Larose Music.

"Miami Herald", 7th March. House of Pianos and Organs.

"Chicago Tribune", 7th March. Thomas Organ Studios, Golf Mills Shopping Center.

"Chicago Tribune", 18th March. As above, Thomas Organ Studios, Golf Mills Shopping Center.

"San Mateo Times", 19th March. For more on Vox at the 4th Teen Age Fair, .

"Hammond Times", Illinois, 23rd March. Hal Morris Music.

"Arlington Heights Herald", Chicago, 25th March. Thomas Organ Studios.

"Phoenix Gazette", Arizona, 25th March.

"San Bernardino County Sun", California, 27th March. See above, San Mateo Times, and for more on the "Teen Fair".

"Valley News", Van Nuys, Los Angeles, 29th March. Keys to Music.