Vox in North American newspapers, 1965


Adverts that are repeated from week to week are generally omitted from the sequence below. Often in these relatively early adverts there is a merely a simple mention of Vox guitars or amplifiers being available.

The page on January 1965 , and March . Further pages will be added, month by month.

"Philadelphia Daily News", 1st February, 1965. Gilbert Piano Co. A consignment delayed, still "on the boat". Some consignments to the USA were by air.

"Philadelphia Courier Post", 2nd February, 1965. Gilbert Piano Company. "Vox Guitars Used by The Beatles".

"Daily Herald", Chicago, 4th February. Thomas Organ, Golf Mill Shopping Center.

"Bridgeport Post", 6th February. LeDonne's Music Box.

"Philadelphia Inquirer", 7th February. Gilbert Piano Company. A redrawn version of an advert first introduced in late 1964.

"Wilkes-Barre Times", Pennsylvania, 8th February. Wallace Music Company.

"Valley News", Van Nuys, California, 12th February. Wallace Music Company. Keys to Music - one of the first stores in California to advertise Vox amplifiers and guitars in late 1964.

"Albuquerque Journal", 18th February. King Music Company "Home of Vox Guitars and Amps.

"Fort Worth Star Telegram", 18th February. King Music Company.

"York Daily Record", Pennsylvania, 26th February. LaRose Music Studios.