Suppliers of components for Vox AC100s - 1963-1965

Catalogue of the Radio and Electronic Component Show at Olympia, May 1963. All the big manufacturers were there, including Burndept Electronics under the mantle of Royston Industries. Jennings Musical Industries of course did not participate, but many of its component suppliers had stands. This was the sort of show that JMI engineers will have attended.

Amphenol - see further .

Arrow switches, used throughout the 1960s by JMI.

Cannon connectors - see the entry below for 6th January, and .

Dubilier - see further .

Erie resistors - used by JMI in AC80/100s from spring 1965.

Hunts capacitors - used regularly in AC100 mark 2s from late 1965.

Celestion speakers.

Welwyn wirewound resistors - used in the cathode bias circuit of AC80/100s and where load resistors were required on main drive voltage lines.

The Welwyn entry in the catalogue.

Woden Transformers - see further .