Early speaker and mains cables for Vox AC100s

Cannon XLR-3-13 and XL-3-12C; XLR-3-32 and XLR-3-11C; and Cannon LNE-32 and LNE-11C

Advert from 1964.

From late 1963 to mid 1965 Vox used Cannon mains and speaker connectors for the AC50 and AC100 - the round three pin XLR-3-13 socket at first for speakers, and the rectangular LNE-32 for mains:

Paul McCartney's AC80/100, Versailles, January 1964. Circular Cannon XLR-3-13 connector at left, LNE-32 mains connector at right (turned sideways).

The same connectors were used on most early thin-box single-channel AC50s too, though a small batch of amps had twin 1/4" jack sockets for the speakers - on the AC50 website.

George's AC50 at Versailles

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A latching Cannon XLR-3-13 socket.

The original speaker cable that came with Vox AC50 serial no. 1015B. The female connectors are Cannon XLR-3-12C.

A Cannon LNE-32 mains socket, and the original mains cable with LNE-11C connectors supplied with AC100 no. 392 (exported to the USA in 1965). One finds these connectors on BBC and Quad equipment also, but very little else.

In mid 1964, Vox went over to the more compact rectangular Cannon XLR-3-32 speaker connector.

Cannon XLR socket - XLR-3-32, and the original speaker cable supplied with AC100 serial number 392 (June 1965) - latching Cannon XLR-3-11Cs with green rubber cable reliefs.