An early Vox AC80/100 with no control panel legends

An early AC80/100 with no legends on its . The original black grille cloth and piping were removed c. 2008, though remnants remain on the baffle. The panel was never printed, perhaps being a test piece (for the fit of holes and so on). Its underside is plain aluminium. The yellow/green chalkings inside the box are later additions - perhaps from the 1990s/early 2000s. The amp is unlikely to have been a demonstration piece for use at trade fairs and the like.

The back panel was originally arranged much as that of serial number 173 - . In view of the fact that AC80/100s were fitted out with boxes in batches, the original serial number will have been in the high 160s or low 170s.

The chassis, one of the most original encountered so far, has components with all the usual date codes - running from July 1963 (Dubilier preamp filter capacitors) to January 1964 (Welwyn cement resistors). A page on the preamp . Further pages on the power amp will be posted shortly.

For related amps, see the main . The pictures below were taken in 2020. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

Parts of the box were at some point painted lightly in blue, for the most part cleaned off c. 2008. The paint remains on the inner face of the back panel and in places inside the box.

The hole for the Bulgin mains socket in the back panel, and presumably the socket too, is original.

The holes left by the screws of the serial number plate. The hole for the inner jack socket was made later. Originally the back panel was arranged much as that of serial number 173.

The three images above - the later chalkings inside the box. The date 2/11/1962 - clearly someone's guess - is impossible for any part or aspect of the amp. The outer runners (on which the chassis rests) were renewed at some stage.

The piping was tacked at its ends, and occasionally tacked (not stapled) around its edges.

Black grille cloth and piping restored (both salvaged from a defunct T60 cab); the kitchen cupboard handles removed, and a correct VOX handle with plain metal brackets now in place.

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