Vox AC100 backs

This page is principally a picture page, charting some of the changes in the arrangement of the back panels of AC100s as production proceeded.

Late 1963

150 B. Paul McCartney's first AC80/100, used up to the first American tour (August 1964). Note the Belling Lee fuseholder under the Cannon mains socket.


150. The back panel is identical in arrangement to that of an amp used by Bill Wyman throughout 1964. The evidence for the presence of the Bulgin mains connector comes from a pic. taken of Bill's amp at the Playhouse Theatre in July 1964.

160s (?) John and George, July 1964.

160s (?) Paul McCartney's second AC80/100, July 1964. Its white warning plaque is positioned more in line with Cannon speaker socket.

(?) AC80/100 converted to PA amp, used by the Rolling Stones, 14th August 1964


178. Same arrangement in no. 177.

JMI loan AC80/100 seen on stage with the Stones, 19th/20th October, 1964.

212 picture roughly perspective corrected. The inner speaker connector is a later addition.

254 a copper panelled amp given a thin-edged box that had been used by JMI for promotional purposes.

Early 1965

Black panel AC80/100s.

236. Standard format for black panel AC80/100s.

Spring 1965

Grey panel AC80/100s.

392. Standard format for grey panel AC80/100s.

A late Westrex-made AC80/100 from 1965. No serial number plate or warning plaque was ever attached.

May/June and July 1965

"100W Amplifiers"

500s. The round Amphenol XLR speaker socket is a later addition.




High 600s (?). One of Pete Townsend's amps, Richmond, August 1965.