The Jennings Electronic Industries (JEI) J71 organ

On this page, pictures of a superb Jennings J71 three manual organ, complete with its pedal board, cables, footswitches, and carry cases.

The J71 was introduced in late 1969, having been shown for the first time at the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Show at the Russell Hotel in August of that year. It was accompanied in the JEI line by the two manual J70 and the new Pulsation unit - the JEI PO.1.

The Pulsation unit accompanying the organ pictured below also survives (with its original Jennings cover).

Thanks to Ben for the pictures.

First advertised in "Melody Maker" magazine, 13th November, 1969 - see the . The ad was repeated soon after in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, . The two manual organ is the J70.

Detail from the Jennings (JEI) pricelist of December 1972.

Click as ever for larger images.

Further pictures of the Pulsation unit to be .

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