Jennings Electronic Industries Pulsation Unit PO1

The Jennings twin-speed rotating speaker unit for organ (and guitar) - three 12" speakers - introduced in 1969. The JEI equivalent of the Vox Gyrotone II.

Sounds Incorporated, early or mid 1969, with a good line-up of Jennings solid state equipment: two J100 combos, a B100 bass amp and 2x15" speaker cabinet; an electric bongo drum; a 100W PA amp and two column speakers; and a "Pulsation Unit" (indicated with an arrow).

JEI brochure, Pulsation Unit PO1

Detail from a JEI brochure showing the PO1.

The text reads: "Duo-speed Pulsation Unit to provide that chorale effect ... of the pulsing exciting vibrato that only such a device can achieve, containing three 12" heavy-duty loudspeakers. Supplied with foot control.

Mention was made of the unit in the "Beat Instrumental" review of the Associated Musical Instrument Industries show, Russell Hotel, August 1969 - .

"Beat Instrumental", December 1971 - price of the PO1: £157.00.

Detail from the retail pricelist of December 1972 -the PO1: still £157.00. The pricelist as a whole .

Surviving Jennings PO1 units

Excellent condition - electronics look original.

A fairly intact unit, a variety of badges added to the front.

Grille cloth replaced with Vox material and speakers removed, but condition otherwise good.

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