Vox at the "International Audio Festival"

Russell Hotel, 6th-9th April 1961

From 1959-1961, the "Association of Musical Instrument Industries" chose not to organise a formal Trade Fair in August (as it had in 1957 and 1958) so as not to conflict with the colossal "National Radio Show" at Earl's Court. Instrument manufacturers were therefore mostly left to their own devices. Some joined audio shows, others radio. Those that had large enough premises put on "private shows" in August, much as Jennings had done at 100 Charing Cross Road in 1959. There was no small amount of disquiet though about the lack of a unified "Music Trades" exhibition, and in response to this, AMII, from 1962, set up an annual Fair at the Russell Hotel. This became an important event in manufacturers' calendars. New ranges of equipment were often showcased for the first time at the Hotel.

In 1961 Jennings participated in the "International Audio Festival", held at the Russell Hotel, an event in some ways prefiguring those later organised by AMII.

Jennings stand at the Russell Hotel, 1961

Music trade press, March 1961, note on the forthcoming Festival.

Below, thanks to Robert Valentine (present in both pictures), shots of the Vox stand at the "Festival", Dick Denney at the pedal steel. In the background, Vox (and Fender) guitars and strings; in the foreground, three AC30/6s and selections of JMI promotional literature. Note that the AC30s have old-style circular black control knobs.

Jennings stand at the Russell Hotel, April 1961

Dick Denney and Robert Valentine, April 1961.

Jennings stand at the Russell Hotel, April 1961

A shot from the rear of the display area.

Jennings stand at the Russell Hotel, April 1961

Advert for the show in the trade press.

Robert is also pictured in an inset shot of the Dartford Road guitar work-benches featured in "The Best in Sound" advert, published in the music trade press in May 1961. The full page can be seen in the .

Vox Works, Dartford Road, 1961

Music trade journal, May 1961. Ken Wilson is in the foreground, then Brian Ranger, Robert at the far end.