Vox at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, February 1965

The Frankfurt Musikmesse took place annually in February or March. In the early 60s, the Musical Instruments show, which took place in Trade Hall 12, was a sort of adjunct at the back of the main exhibition ground.

Franskfurt Fair

Frankfurt Messe, photo taken in the 1970s prior to the redevelopment of the exhibition ground. Trade Hall 12 is indicated by the arrow. In the later 1960s, the much larger Trade Hall 11 to its right was used.

Franskfurt Fair

Three exhibitors' roundels.

The page on the Vox showing at the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair, August 1964, .

Frankfurt 1965

21st - 25th February

Dick Denney at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, March 1965
Dick Denney at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, March 1965, detail

The now well-known shot of Dick Denney at the Frankfurt Trade Fair was taken in February 1965, not February 1964 as is sometimes said. The large picture on the wall to the left of Denney shows the Rolling Stones in the "Ready Steady Go" studio, 26th June 1964.

AC100 SDL cabs and trolleys did not come into being until August 1964. Note that the one pictured has a Mark 1 trolley (a basket to hold the amp, rather than parallel bars).

In front of the AC100: a T60; and in front of that a large box AC50, also on a trolley with a basket top. Large box AC50s did not appear until mid 1964. At right, two AC30s, one the perspex exhibition model shown in London in August 1964 - .

Rolling Stones, Ready Steady Go, June 1964

Rolling Stones, "Ready Steady Go" studio, June 1964.

Below, a pic. of the Burns stand at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, March 1965 - from .

Burns stand at the Frankfurt Musikmesses, 1965

"Crescendo" magazine, March 1965.

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"Melody Maker" magazine, 13th March 1965.