Vox at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, 1964

16th-20th February '64

In 1964, the big drive was the new AC50, signalled as being in progress as far back as July 1963. The first units were evidently finished - the design having been finalised and the production line set up - by the end of November 1963. Reg Clark was clear that the Beatles were to have their new AC50s before the end of the week ending 29th Nov. See the various reports that are being gathered together on the Vox AC50 website .

Specific details of other items exhibited by JMI at the Fair will be added where possible. The display was clearly extensive: "a complete range of Vox amplification equipment and a full guitar range". Presumably an AC80/100 was represented along with the AC50s, the first having been issued to Paul McCartney certainly by late December 1963 and perhaps as early as late November.

In attendance at the Vox stand were Tom; Paul, his son (a.k.a. "Paul Raymond", manager of "Musicland", Bexleyheath); Geoff Harris; and A.F. Cameron. Reg Clark may have accompanied Tom.

Vox at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, March 1963

"Record Retailer", 23rd January 1964.

Below, the journey from Dartford to Frankfurt, described in March and April 1964. Tom probably flew with the other members of the British contingent.

Jennings at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, 1964

Jennings at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, 1964

An advert placed by Jennings in the music trade press, February 1964 - no AC50s pictured, but the Phantom, AC30, and LS40 column speakers will have been shown. Presumably, some Fender equipment was exhibited too. That a Thomas organ was loaded into one of the vans is possible but unlikely.

Jennings at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, 1964

Dartford paper, February 1964.