A Vox public address wall speaker - c. 1966

From around 1966. The original speaker, which is likely to have been a Celestion T1088 (silver alnico), has gone, but the original wiring loom with Rendar jacks remains. On the upper back panel, the standard keyhole-shaped holes for hanging the unit on nails or screws on a wall.

The cut-out for the speaker has two cross-bars (vertical and horizontal). Earlier cabinets generally only had a single vertical. No logo was ever fitted to the unit below - there are no holes and no signs of glue.

Constructed from 1/2" Birch ply. Dimensions are 14" x 14". The sloping sides are 6 3/4" deep at bottom, 7 5/8" deep at top.

For further examples and other Vox Public Address speakers, see this page.

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