The Who, 21st - 25th August, 1965

In the summer of '65, the standard (if it can be called that) line up of equipment for The Who was a 100W Vox PA, two AC100 SDLs for Pete Townshend, and two AC100 bass sets for John Entwistle. Spare amps seem generally to have been at hand. At larger venues, these were pressed into service. See for instance, the , 6th August.

The Who in England, perhaps Stevenage, early summer '65, with a flat-fronted Vox MC100 PA amp.

The band had been signed up to use Vox equipment, more or less against their wishes, by manager Kit Lambert.

In August 1965, The Who, embarked on a short tour of Europe - Holland and Denmark only: 21st in Amsterdam, 25th Elsinore and Copenhagen, and 26th Aarhus and Aalborg. Jennings pulled out all the stops:

- Seven AC100s, two SDL cabinets, two 2x15" cabinets, two Foundation Bass, four LS40 (?) speaker columns, and two massive PA amplifiers.

Copenhagen, 25th August, 1965. Picture courtesy of Scanpix. Seven AC100s on stage along with a variety of cabs, the PA amps and column speakers.

Below, a detail of what are probably new (custom made) Vox 150W PA amplifiers - one is in use, the other a spare. Note their size in relation to the AC100s.

Photo courtesy of Scanpix. Detail from a high resolution file. Click on the image for a larger version.

The control panel is inset in the top of the amps. The input jacks, which are white, are arranged in a row. There appear to be three controls - presumably volume, treble and bass, much as for the AC100.

The 150W PA amp was new (or at least in preparation) at the time, its first outing being at the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair, late August 1965. See the snippet from "Beat Instrumental" magazine .

Whether it had 6 x EL34 or 4 x KT88 is not known. Judging by the size of the boxes, the transformers in the amps pictured below must have been monumental. The Who's amps may have been a first step towards production models.

The production MC150 (a metal clad)

JMI pricelist, November 1965. Just to note, still no 12" wall-mounted speaker. That was to come later. See the entry on this page for 14th September for some units from 1967/1968.

Melody Maker magazine, April 19th, 1969 - Vox 150W PA amplifier in the Orange shop on New Compton Street for £175. This is not too far off the price new in the JMI pricelist of November 1965, below.

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