A note on Vox PA amplifiers, 1964 - 1965

The early PA amplifiers were assembled for Vox by Triumph Electronics in Purley. Triumph also made the AC50 for Vox until Spring 1965.

It seems best at present to view the development in "stages" rather than "generations". For surviving 50W units, . The 100 watters .

1st stage - early 1964 - two inputs

The first generation of Metal Clad Vox PA amplifiers, as described in the catalogue from early 1964 above, had two inputs. The relevant text has been given in black and white for clarity. Note the intended applications.

2nd stage - autumn 1964 - four and six inputs

August 1964: the new six-input PAs on show at the Russell Hotel. Judging by their depth, these units had transistor preamps. It is likely that the sloping-front Metal Clad amps - valve rectified - had four inputs by this time.

Metal Clads in the "Precision in Sound" newspaper catalogue from late 1964 - four inputs, three for mics, one for music.

3rd stage - early to mid 1965 - four and six inputs

The four-input amps are now solid state rectified (in line with the new generation of AC50s produced by Triumph).

A pristine Metal Clad PA50 assembled by Triumph Electronics under contract from Vox in early 1965 - note the solid state rectification - the four "top hat" Mullard BY100 diodes on the left-hand side of the tagboard.

4th stage - mid 1965 - four and six inputs

By mid 1965 it appears as though the four-input Metal Clads had been given flat fronts.

The Who on stage in England in the summer of 1965 with a flat-fronted 100W PA - presumably 100W as there is no designation on the front (MC100).

5th stage - autumn 1965

Four-input Metal Clads were still in production, appearing in the pricelist issued by Jennings in November '65. A new generation of amp was heralded at the August Trade Fair, however:

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, October 1965, review of the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, August 1965 - see for more on the show.

Melody Maker magazine, 21st August, 1965. Four inputs and a spring reverb - doubtless along the lines of the reverb incorporated in the AC30SRT.

The Who had a special incarnation of the new 150W amp - two units specially produced by JMI for the band's tour of Denmark in September 1965.

Special Trade Fairs

A passing illustration of a small trade show that Jennings took part in in the 1960s: the annual exhibition of the Association of Public Address Engineers.

"Wireless World" magazine, March 1964. At this point, the Jennings PA amplifiers were new in its range.

The Kings Head Hotel, Harrow

The King's Head Hotel, Harrow, c. 1965

Vox Catalogue (Catalog), February 1964

The first generation of Vox PA amplifiers, as described in the catalogue from early 1964 above, had two inputs.

"Wireless World", March 1965.

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