Thomas Organ Vox Price List, April 1965

Below, small images of two pages from the first Thomas Organ Vox Price List - "Effective April 26, 1965" - in other words ten or so days after the competition sponsored by Vox at the 4th Teen Age Fair - . The leaflet has four pages: Front cover, Guitars, Amplifiers and Sound Equipment, Cases and Accessories.

Sold on ebay in May 2011 - .

Small though the pictures may be, they are just large enough to make out the text. Note that the amplifiers all have their new American names. Below, a copy (made in "Word") of the page.

Copy of the amplifiers page from Price List dated 26th April 1965. At this point, one could not buy an AC100 amplifier section separately, as one could in England. See the "NOTE" in box.

Below, details from the Thomas Organ Vox catalogue from late summer 1965 - the "King of the Beat" - the first to give the amplifiers illustrated their new designations - ie. the AC100 is the "Super Beatle" and so on. Since the Price List represents an earlier state of affairs, there are discrepancies - there is no "York" below, for instance, and no "Pacemaker", "Cambridge", "Berkeley" or "Essex Bass" above. The number of inputs mentioned serves as a useful means of correlation:

The "Viscount" is still the AC30

In the first illustrated catalogue - the "Million Dollar Sound" catalog - issued by Thomas Organ (in late 1964), items still have English names - . The reference in the title is to the order for $1,000,000 of equipment placed by Thomas Organ in late August 1964.

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