Thomas Organ Vox packaging

Below, some examples of the types of packaging used by Thomas Organ for Vox guitars, amplifiers and accessories. The main design: an AC100 and Vox Soundcaster guitar.

The boxes were made for Thomas Organ by the Cameo Container Corporation, Chicago.

A companion page devoted to JMI packaging in England will be posted soon.

Vox Teen Beat magazine, vol. 1 issue 3, mid 1966, a detail of the interior of the Thomas Organ factory at Sepulveda - a Vox shipping box in the background.

Amplifiers and Guitars

A Thomas Organ shipping box for a Vox Berkeley amplifier. "V1083" was its number in catalogues. Note the tape with Vox diamonds.

In the picture on the left, Thomas Organ is named as a subsiduary of Warwick Electronics, the address of the latter given as: 7300 North Lehigh (Avenue), Chicago, Ill., 60648.

A Vox Spyder IV Bass with original case, case contents, and shipping box. Note that the polythene bag is of the standard English type.


Effects, boosters, etc.

Above, an early Thomas Organ bass booster and treble booster with their original boxes. One can always identify US-made boosters by the metal hexagonal nut around the jack socket. English-made boosters have a rubber surround. Hyphens (or lack of) in the name - e.g. "Bass-Booster" - are not a reliable guide to place of manufacture.

More to follow.