The Ideal Home Exhibition, London, Olympia, 1967

7th March - 1st April, 1967

The Ideal Home Exhibition, London, Olympia, 1967

A still from BBC coverage of the show.

The "Ideal Home Exhibition", a wonderfully British institution sponsored by the Daily Mail newspaper, is held annually at the Olympia Exhibition Hall in west London. The still above is from coverage shot in 1967. Note that an AC50 and AC100 were featured rather than the new solid state amps. The address given for Royston is the old one: 24-25 New Bond Street, just discernible on the stand. By mid 1967 Royston's head office was at 3 Hill Street (Mayfair).

The centrepiece of the Vox show was a demonstration of the guitar-organ by Dave Roberts - see the piece from "The Beacon" towards the end of this page.

Front page of the catalogue for the '67 show.

Page 146.

Royston / Vox had stand 223 in the "Leisure" section of the "Empire Hall" at Olympia. Next to it, in stand 224, was Emilie Segard Limited, exhibiting "Reproductions on cloth of classical and modern French tapestries".

The presence of Vox (or rather Royston) at the show in 1967 is also recorded in "The Beacon", Journal of the Royston Group, July '67:

Dave Roberts also manned the Vox stall in Moscow, 1966 - .

A short video of the show is here, requiring Adobe Flash to play. Below, some great footage of the Ideal Home Exhibition, 1966:

More to follow.