Vox adverts in Downbeat Magazine, 1965-1966

Downbeat Magazine mast

This page will chart the adverts placed by Vox (Thomas Organ) in "Downbeat Magazine" from late 1965-1967. The earliest that has so far come to light is from September 1965.

Although the magazine dealt principally with the jazz world, account was regularly taken of non-jazz things.

1st July, 1965, and reprinted in the issues for 23rd September and 16th December.

Note that no American groups are mentioned in the copy. Marvin Kaiser, named in the cut-out form, was the General Sales Manager of the Vox division of Thomas Organ. He is pictured .

21st October, 1965. The Dave Clark Five.

Below, 1966, an American group now mentioned: Paul Revere and the Raiders.

25th August, 1966.

8th September, 1966.