Vox adverts in Downbeat Magazine, 1965-1966

Downbeat Magazine mast

This page will chart the adverts placed by Vox (Thomas Organ) in "Downbeat Magazine" from late 1965-1967. The earliest that has so far come to light is from September 1965.

Although the magazine dealt principally with the jazz world, account was regularly taken of non-jazz things.

23rd September, 1965, and repeated in the issue for 16th December.

Note that no American groups are mentioned in the copy. Marvin Kaiser, named in the cut-out form, was the General Sales Manager of the Vox division of Thomas Organ. He is pictured .

Below, 1966, an American group now included: Paul Revere and the Raiders.

25th August, 1966.

8th September, 1966.