Vox AC100 Potentiometer Date Codes


The potentiometers in Vox AC100s, as in many other Vox models, were made by "Egen Electric Limited", based on Canvey Island in Essex - for a brief overview, .

Date codes were stamped as a matter of course on almost all pots. The system was straightforward: two letters - the first for the month, the second for the year.

MONTH: A-L = January to December.

YEAR: K = 1963, L = 1964, M = 1965, N = 1966, O = 1967.

"KK" = November 1963, "AL" = January 1964, "DN" = April 1966, and so on.

Up to, and sometimes into 1965, the resistance and taper of the pot is given first, then the date code - "500K LOG. AL" for an AC100 volume pot produced in Jan. '64, and "1 MEG LOG. AL" for a treble or bass pot produced in the same month.

Thereafter, a simple part number preceded the date code - "66181" for the 500K volume pot; "66318" for the 1 Meg treble and bass pots.

Below, a late example of the early form of stamping:

Above, a treble pot from an AC80/100 refurbished by Vox in mid 1965. The pot is a 1 MEG LIN (linear rather than logarithmic taper), date code "DM" = April 1965.

Early 1965 on

The new form of stamping: part numbers and date codes only, the two examples below from AC100 serial number 531, an early "100W Amplifier":

Volume pot, 500K, part no. 66181, date code "AM" = January 1965.

Tone pot, 1 Meg, part no. 66318, date code "DM" = April 1965.

Egen potentiometers with printed part numbers are first seen in AC50s from early 1966 (amps with serial numbers in the 5000s). Volume pots (500K) were no. 66181; tone pots (1 Meg) no. 66520.