Illustrations and mentions of the Vox AC100 in magazines and newspapers

1964 - 1967

"Melody Maker" magazine, 29th February 1964, mentioning the amps.

"Beat Monthly" magazine no. 12, April 1964.

Above, what has claim to be the earliest advert for the AC100 SDL - an inset in "Melody Maker", 12th September, 1964. If an even earlier one turns up, it will not be by much. The Beatles received their SDL cabs in the first week of August 1964. Amps and cabs will only have been widely seen on the USA tour - note the context in the first lines of the ad ("current U.S.A. Tour") - 18th August to 20th September.

It is interesting that the AC100 SDL was not advertised in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, a paper aimed at professional musicians, until Spring 1965. Perhaps it was just a question of circulation.

Note that the amplifier in the drawing is in a thick-edged box. The first we see of an actual example is on stage at the Empire Pool, Wembley, 20th November, 1964. See .

Thick-edged boxes measure: 19 3/4 x 11 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches. The height given in the advert however is 8 1/2". Either some mistake crept in or Vox had begun thinking along slightly different lines: 8 1/2" tall suggests a chassis on a slider board, perhaps akin to the large box AC50.

Thin-edged boxes - the earliest type (see for example ) - were 19" x 11 1/2" x 7".

The full Vox advert, 12th September, 1964

"Melody Maker" magazine, 25th July, 1964.

The amps in question were the AC100 SDLs designed for John Lennon and George Harrison. Paul's AC100 bass had been issued to him in late December 1963.

It is interesting to note that four were produced initially. Two were given to the Beatles in the first week of August '64. The other two were evidently retained initially for promotional purposes, being shown at the "British Musical Instrument Industries" Fair (24th-28th August) while the Beatles were on tour (18 August - 20th September).

On the Fair, which took place at the Russell Hotel in London, .

"Valley News (Van Nuys)", California, 11th December 1964. This, to date, is the earliest instance of this particular advert (reprinted in Valley News on the 13th).


Melody Maker magazine, 16th January 1965

Melody Maker magazine, 16th January 1965.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, March 1965, repeated in April.

The "Daily Express" Record Star Show programme, 21st March, 1965

New Musical Express, 16th April, 1965. Poll Winners Concert ad.

KRLA magazine (Los Angeles), 24th July 1965. Actually a Vox dealer photo taken in 1964.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, December 1965.


Beat Instrumental magazine, February 1966

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, February 1966. This was taken up (below) in variant form as an advert for Vox at the Frankfurt Music Fair, 27th February - 4th March.

Melody Maker magazine, February 1966

"Melody Maker" newspaper, February 1966, advertising the company's presence at the Frankfurt Musikmesse - Hall 12, Stand 2416/7. The Vox ad for the 1967 show . Note that the logo of the AC100 cab has an edge outline.

Vox advert in New Musical Express magazine, 6th May 1966

Programme of the 1966 NME Poll Winner's Concert.

NME magazine, 13th May, 1966. The AC100 is still the picture (four were supplied by Jennings for the concert). The glimpses of The Beatles, Stones, and Dusty Springfield are from the NME Poll Winners, 1965. Pictures from the '65 concert were also used for promotional purposes in the States.