The genesis of the first advert for the Vox AC100

The first Jennings press advert in the UK to illustrate the AC80/100 came out in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, April 1964.

"Beat Monthly" magazine no. 12, April 1964.

Below, the various elements that were used to create it:

Dezo Hoffman photo, 25th March, 1963, Allerton Park - the "Jumping Beatles".

"Melody Maker" magazine, 15th February 1964. This may have given the idea for the advert below.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 29th February 1964.

The AC80/100 in the catalogue of February/March 1964. The "Jumping Beatles" are on its cover. Did anyone ever order an AC80/100 in coloured tolex? The AC80/100 is also represented in .