Triumph Electronics, adverts 1967 to 1968

For a brief overview of the company in the earlier 1960s, notes on its premises, and some recollections of those who worked there, .

Below a series of adverts placed by Triumph and later Rosetti, which distributed and marketed some of Triumph's amps, in "Beat Instrumental" magazine.

Further pages will be added on Triumph in subsequent years.

June 1967

July 1967. An advert placed by James How, which distributed the first Triumph amps.

November 1967. Advert repeated in December and January 1968. "No valves in Triumph to over-heat or drop out." See the comments of Geoff Johnson, owner of Triumph Electronics, below, August 1968.


January 1968. A picture (printed small) of "Western Music" with two Triumph amps in view. The price of the combo is just visible "182", presumably guineas. See the advert immediately below.

February 1968. Certainly distributed by Rosetti, but not manufactured.

June 1968. Advert for the wearable preamp. This had been developed in 1966 but evidently took some time to bring to market.

September 1968. A small ad for the wearable preamp.

September 1968. Full page ad. The Rolling Stones used their amp at the "Rock and Rock Circus", filmed on 11th December '68.

September 1968. Review of the British Musical Instrument Fair in August 1968. Geoff Johnson extols the virtues of transistors. Triumph expands its range, introducing among other things, a small valve amp.

September 1968. A picture taken at the BMI show in August - two Triumph RC/100Ls. In the lower vignette, the Selmer room.