Paul McCartney's AC100 speaker cabinet

Some notes on Paul McCartney's 2x15" brown-fronted speaker cabinet, used through to the end of the USA autumn tour, 1964. The cab is first seen in detail at the Washington Coliseum concert in early February '64:

A detail of amp and speaker cabinet, Washington Coliseum, 11th February, 1964. In the sliver below, one can just see the BASS flag of the cab.

Just visible, the BA of the BASS runner.

Amp and cab on stage, New York, Carnegie Hall, 12th February, 1964.

Adelaide, 12th June, 1964. The cab's BASS runner has gone.

Las Vegas, 20th August, 1964, detail of the speaker cabinet with Paul's second brown-fronted amp.

Not Las Vegas, but Forest Hills, 28th August.

Above, Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens, 7th September, '64. At some point before the autumn tour of the States, the cab evidently had a new connector fitted - a rectangular Cannon. The original circular Cannon can be seen below, backstage at Versailles, 14th Feb., '64.

The mark left by a drip underneath the handle/recess can also be made out in the photo above.