Paul McCartney's second AC100 - August 1964

A second AC80/100

For the American tour in late August 1964, Vox provided Paul with a new amp, still brown-fronted, but with a BASS flag and a back panel matching those of John and George's amps. The old amp was taken along as a spare, and can often be seen beside the drum riser.

Indianapolis, 3rd September, 1964.

John and George's amps, in contrast to Paul's, had black grille cloth.

Below, three shots from the concert at Las Vegas, 20th August, 1964, two showing the back panels of all three AC80/100s:

The Las Vegas concert was covered exceptionally well by photographers

The back panel of Paul's second was evidently arranged by Jennings to match those of John and George's:

Schema of the back panel of Paul's second AC80/100 - the same arrangement as John and George's.

Below, a further detail from a photo taken at Las Vegas showing the arrangement of diamonds on the grille cloth:

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