Further instances of bands with thin-edged Vox AC80/100s

(mostly single sightings)

Pictures of bands other than the Beatles and Stones using early AC80/100s are, relatively speaking, fairly uncommon. But this page will doubtless expand as further examples come to light. Vox produced something like 120 thin-edged cathode biased AC80/100s, and a high proportion of those must have gone to the bands of the day.

Most of the amps (and cabs for that matter) in the black and white shots below will have been brown fronted. Above, for reference, a thin-edged single-channel AC50 with its bass cab, and an AC80/100 (serial no. 178) with the former and another.


Pictured at the California Ballroom in Dunstable in 1964. Although the images are small, the band evidently used a thin-edged AC80/100 to drive two Foundation Bass cabs.


Performing "Good Golly Miss Molly in 1964 - filmed for broadcast. On stage, among other things, an AC80/100 and Foundation Bass cab, and a small box AC50 with Foundation Bass cab.


Published 11th September 1964.

A rough-print picture from one of the local Dartford newspapers, 11th September, 1964 - The Hollies at Gravesend Co-op Hall. At right, a thick-edged small box AC50 (i.e. diamond input variety) on a new AC50 speaker cabinet with trolley; at left, what is likely to be a thin-edged AC80/100 (on a similar cabinet and trolley) - the grille cloth on the front of the amp is three diamonds high. The cloth on thin-edged AC50s is two diamonds and three-fifths high.


A small promotional shot taken in 1967 of this Brighton-based band

FLEETWOOD MAC: Peter Green 1968

A colour pic. of Peter Green's thin-edged AC80/100 and two early T60 cabs from Getty Images. Audio of the concert below.

First image, Windsor 1968; the others, Copenhagen 1968. Note that Green's thin-edged AC80/100 is running through two T60 cabs. His amp, like Wyman's, presumably had two speaker outputs.

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