This amp was one of a short run of AC80/100s made by Westrex in Spring 1965, following on from the earlier run with black control panels - . Production subsequently moved to the West Street Works in Erith - the Vox/Burndept factory.

Grey panel, black bat switch (made by Arrow), dome voltage selector, Wima capacitors in the preamp, but still the old-style green enamel Woden transformers, brown resistors, and twin XLR speaker sockets. The RTC (Reliance Telegraph Co.) filter capacitors in the preamp may be replacements. The gold-coloured Sprague certainly is.

Pot codes are "AL" = January 1964 (as in copper panelled AC80/100s).

No serial number plate or warning plaque was ever fitted to this amp. Was it produced as a display/demonstration piece?

Paper tape now covers the frayed cloth on the underside of the choke.

The American GE 6CA7s (my replacements for the early 1980s valves that came withthe amp) stand up perfectly to the original bias circuit.

It is becoming increasingly hard to find good valves for these amps. The EL34s advertised on ebay as being "new" or "better than new" are often only tested at 250v (instead of 500/600v). It is almost impossible to reconcile the sets of readings generated by different valve testers (and there are many).

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