The Kinks, Yardbirds, and others

The amps on this page are all thick-edged AC80/100s - probably late copper panels. In most instances they will have been loans from JMI. This page will be merged in due course with .


Top of the Pops, November 1964


The BBC Top Beat Programme, December 1964. The Yardbirds: Paul Samwell-Smith, and the rhythm guitarist, Chris Dreja have AC80/100s. Eric Clapton seems to be using the AC50.

Yardbirds BBC

Left-hand picture, a side view (from the BBC website - click on the images tab at the top of the page). The photo was also printed on the re-release of the album "Five Live Yardbirds" (Repertoire, 1999). Centre right and right, shots from front of stage. Photos by Dezo Hoffmann.

In 1966 and 1967 both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page are pictured using AC100 Mk 2s - see the foot of .


On the set used also by the Yardbirds (immediately above). Images from Getty Images, and Photofeatures.


A rare colour shot of Gerry and the Pacemakers on stage in late 1964 venue yet to be identified, at back an early AC100 SDL. The bass set is a Foundation Bass cab and another AC100 or perhaps AC50. The large letters far left may spell "BEAT".

Gerry and the Pacemakers with an early AC100, late 1964, detail

A detail from the pic. above. The amp has no corner protectors. One can just about see the jutting out of the basket top of an early trolley. For other bands, Beatles excepted, with early AC100s (really AC80/100s), .

THE ZOMBIES 1964/1965

Greg Russo, Time of the Season. The Zombie's Collector's Guide (New York, 2009), p. 15:

"Along with current musical trends, The Zombies upgraded their equipment to accommodate larger halls. Paul Atkinson dabbled with a Gretsch on occasion, but he used a new Rickenbacker guitar on stage, while Rod Argent purchased a Vox Continental organ. Like fellow keyboard player Manfred Mann, he played the pianet on top of the Vox for dual-voiced capabilities on stage. The old PA was scrapped, replaced by a Vox AC100 and two T60 bass cabinets."

A picture probably from 1964 or 1965. An AC50 driving at least one T60 cab. Pic from Phil Taylor's blog.

THEM 1964/1965

Back of an album cover with a stage shot, AC100 in the foreground to right - white warning plaque to the left, sockets relatively low on the back panel. Probably a cathode biased amp.

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