Jennings Electronic Industries J200

Serial number 1018

The JEI J200 is a strange amplifier. In actual fact, it embodies two completely separate 50 watt power sections - much as one finds in Jennings 50s - that have been yoked together. Each has its own amp main transfomer and pairedspeaker outputs.

A strange Jennings quirk - found also in some of the "50 watt" amp range - is the mounting of boards containing the rectifier diodes on top of the main filter capacitors. Just one of many ingenious but odd design solutions.

Given that a number of RCA 40408 transistors have the date code "0F" = June 1970, serial number 1018 must have been made in the second half of that year. Examination of the preamp will probably shed further light on the matter of date.

Details of the power transistors will be posted soon.

The amp spent a good part of its working life in Switzerland, having passed through "Musik Muller" in Bern.

For a short overview of the background to the JEI J200, .

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