Register of early AC100s

Early thin-edged AC80/100s known at present to survive can be seen on these pages:





Below, some notes on the amps captured in photographs and represented in JMI literature and adverts. These tie up with the pages .

First, the thin-edged AC100 pictured in the JMI catalogue of February 1964. The page on which it appears .

A detail from the Vox dealer's catalogue, same date as above, showing the same AC100. Thanks to Martin Kelly for the image.

It also figures in the advert published in "Beat Monthly" magazine, April 1964 - "Vox went the Beatles, USA":

The amp cannot at present be identified in pictures from the period, but as more and more come to light, it may ultimately be possible to spot it in action. JMI initially kept a reasonable number of AC100s to lend out:

NME Poll Winner's concert, 26th April, 1964: two thin-edged AC100s on one of the wheeled platforms on stage.

Below, a provisional list of numbers of *thin-edged* AC80/100s owned by bands in 1964 (attested in the photographic record), and amps seen to have been provided by JMI for particular concerts. Amps in the second category, however, may have served two or more events and at some point presumably found their way into the hands of groups or into shops.


Rolling Stones - 4 - two serial numbers known at present.

Beatles - 5 (perhaps 6) - two serial numbers known at present.

Sounds Incorporated - 1.

Screaming Lord Sutch - 1.

Jonny Milton and the Condors - 1.

Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas (October '64) - 1.


Featured in catalogues and adverts - 1.

NME Poll Winners (April '64) - 2.

Swinging Blue Jeans - 1.

"Ready, Steady, Win" competition (September '64) - 1.

Rolling Stones (October '64) - 1.

Arthur Howes/NEMS Package Tour (Oct. and Nov. '64) - 1.

Taken together these amps go some way to filling the gaps between the amps currently known to survive, the main gaps being: serial numbers 151 to 168, and 186 to 200.

For images of bands with thin-edged AC80/100s .