Early speaker and mains cables for Vox AC100s

Cannon XLR-3-11C and Cannon LNE-11C

Left, the back of Paul's amp in Holland, early summer 1964; right, on stage in Lyon, summer 1965.

Vox XLR speaker cable supplied with AC100 serial number 392 (June 1965) - latching Cannon XLRs with green rubber grommets.

Vox mains cable supplied with AC100 no. 392 - the old English colours (red=live, black=neutral, and green=earth) visible at the plug end.

From June/July 1965 - Amphenol speaker and mains cables - "doughnut" connectors on back panels

Amphenol cables and back panel sockets replaced Cannon hardware at some point mid-production of the "100W Amplifier", i.e. the fixed bias AC100 without the brimistor. Power sockets were 4-pin and marked with a red dot (which seems to have been exclusively done for Vox - presumably Thomas Organ helped in the US). The earliest amp that has so far come to light with a circular Amphenol XLR on its back panel is .

Below, Amphenol brochures advertising "Qwik" connectors - used by Vox for AC50s and AC100s from mid 1965. The Allied Industries pricelist gives the cost in dollars for various bulk orders. It seems likely that JMI acquired these connectors via the Amphenol factory in Whitstable (Thanet Way, Kent, CT5 3JF), which had been set up in 1961. Whitstable is an hour's drive away from Dartford along the Kent coast.

XLR mains connector - Amphenol 91-858 - latching, blue and white.

XLR speaker connector - Amphenol 91-854.

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