The Yardbirds in "Blowup" - 1966

Filmed at Elstree (the set replicating the Ricki Tikki Club in Windsor), the band has three AC100s, two SDL cabs, two 2 x 15" cabs, and a closed-back AC30 extension cab. The amps, which have white plaques and two-line serial number plates, are either "100W Amplifiers" or very very early AC100 mark 2s - more likely the former.

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The only really clear shot of JImmy Page's AC100 SDL.

Jeff's AC100, clearly not switched on, on top of a 2 x 15" cab. Note the Amphenol speaker and mains sockets with accompanying cables. White warning plaque and two line serial number plate.

Two amps seen from rear of stage.

The amp to the right has two Amphenol speaker XLRs and an Amphenol mains. In company with the amp closest to Jeff, its warning plaque is white and the serial number plate two-line.

Observe the blue hangtag on the back of the 2 x 15" cab to the left, just visible above the cymbal, an indication that the cab was probably new. However, there are no inset side handles.