Continued from the page illustrating the adverts placed by Vox (JMI) in the magazine (initially called "Beat Monthly") .

In 1965, no adverts were placed in May, June and July (volumes 25, 26 and 27).

No. 21. January 1965. Reliable Vox.

No. 22. February 1964. Precision Vox.

No. 23. March 1965. Fabulous Vox. The AC100 Super Deluxe.

No. 24. April 1965. Fabulous Vox (repeated).

No. 28. August 1965. Vox. Need we say more? The large box AC50.

No. 29. September 1965. All-Vox Man - that's Mike Smith (of the Dave Clark Five).

No. 31. November 1965. All-Vox Man - that's Tony Hicks (of the Hollies).

No. 32. December 1965. All-Vox Man - that's Bill Wyman (of the Rolling Stones).

More to follow.....