Later AC100 mark 2s - 1966

AC100 Mark 2s - serial numbers c. 1200-1800

Late 1965 saw two changes to the "standard" form of AC100 Mark 2: the introduction of the three-line serial number plate (the third line giving the power consumption), and a metal guard around the EL34s on top of the chassis as a means of directing the heat generated by the output valves upwards through the top vent in the wooden case.

AC100 serial number 1579, guard plate (introduced in 1966) in position behind the EL34s.

Production seems to have been remarkably consistent. Tone circuits were occasionally wired up back to front, resulting in a strangely interactive bass and treble; and at one point in early 1966 (serial numbers in the mid 1300s), two-line plates crept back in, but that was largely it through to the circuit changes of 1967.

Most of the amps on this page were made at the Vox / Burndept works on West Street in Erith, on which, . A few, however, were made by for Vox. Those have been indicated.

Probably around 700 "original circuit" Mark 2 amps with valve guards were made, starting with a serial number somewhere in the 1160s up to somewhere in the 2000s.

Unsurprisingly a fair few AC100s from 1966 (and 1967) still survive - perhaps as many as 200, maybe more. Some of course had hard working lives. Number 1980 below, for instance, was in a particularly poor state, but not beyond the point of no return. It still packs a punch. Others are remarkably unscathed, no doubt having had only fitful use (or careful owners).

For 1960s bands with AC100s, . The standard AC100 mark 2 . Information and pictures of cabs .

SURVIVING AC100s - 1966

If anyone knows of any others, or would like his or her amplifier to be included on this page, please email me at click here for the address.

Serial number 1216 - currently in France

Chassis no. 1687 - this amp was previously (and wrongly) said to have a chassis number of 1887. A nice AC100 with very few changes. The cab is a fairly early Supreme cab, with jack plug socket, rather than an XLR. The rubbing on the sides indicate that it lived in a tilt-back stand, not a full frame trolley. Thanks to Julien for the pictures.

Serial number 1218 - currently in Russia

One can just see the guard round the EL34s through the top grille. Thanks to Vladimir for the pictures.

Serial number unknown - currently in Spain

Chassis number 1777. The amp belonged to Carlos Zubinga of the Mocedades. In good working order, some components having been renewed. Note the unpainted top to the output transformer (probably replaced early on). Thanks to Juan for the pictures.

Serial number 1261 - currently in the UK

What remains of the three-line serial plate for number 1261 - attached to the box of a much later amp.

Serial number 1274 - currently in the USA

  • 1274
  • 1274
  • 1274

A Triumph-made AC100, probably produced in the first half of 1967 and given a box with serial number plate 1274. The amp was long reported (incorrectly) to have a box with serial number 444. See for other Triumph AC100s.

Serial number 1283 - currently in the USA

Vox AC100 serial number 1283

Thanks to Jake for the picture.

Serial number 1288 - currently in the USA

Recently sold (Jan. 2015) with a US-made Super Beatle cab and trolley.

Serial number 1328 - currently in the USA

Probably with its original speaker cab (two T1088s have the solder tags on the spokes of the; two on a board between the spokes - ie. early and late style). The logo is a replacement for the original, the ghost of which can be seen on the cloth, which has faded from black to brown. Inside the amp, there is no guard plate around the EL34s; the transformers have silver shrouds; and the preamp tagboard is short, both indicating that this AC100 was assembled by Triumph Electronics in Purley, rather than at the Burndept/Vox Works in Erith. There is no stamped chassis number. Thanks to Chris for the pictures.

Serial number 1337 - currently in the UK

Serial number plate attached to a small-box AC50 box with a late AC100 inside - probably built by Triumph, using left-over stock, after the official Vox/JMI run had come to an end. See the .

Serial number 1367 - currently in the USA

Good condition, but a union of a later chassis with an earlier box and serial number plate. The chassis is number 02245. Note the red Lemco caps in the preamp. The blue Hunts capacitors have the codes: "IUS" and "UYT" = 36th week of 1965 and 4th week of 1966. Thanks to Mitch for the pics.

Serial number 1375 - whereabouts unknown

Simply the two-line plate for the time being.

Serial number 1381 - current whereabouts unknown

Needing a bit of clean, this AC100 has already been repaired at least once. Difficult to tell for sure, but the mustard capacitors in the preamp may be original.

Serial number 1390 - currently in the UK

The box with its serial number plate is unlikely to be original to this amp. The amp is substantially later - chassis no. 2152, choke with date code "DX" = April 1966. See the amps towards the foot of this page. The chassis probably came in a box with a serial number in the 1900s - for chokes with "DX" date code, see serial no. 1947 and other amps thereafter.

Serial number 1392 - currently in Spain

Chassis number 2202? A bass set. In the speaker cabinet, the original Celestion T1109 drivers. The amp's preamp is in good original order - red and yellow Lemco signal capacitors, blue Hunts electrolytics. On the back panel, the original Amphenold sockets and red warning plaque. Note the three-line serial number plate. Thanks to Alfonso for the pictures.

Serial number 1405 - currently in the UK (collection: Mike Handley)

Chassis number 2099. Good condition, some refurbishments in the preamp and power amp. Note the mustard capacitors in the former. The green TCC filter capacitor in the preamp has the date code "XE" = May 1966.

Serial number 1410 - currently in Italy

Assembled by Triumph. Underchassis signed in pencil, perhaps by "Graham". No chassis number. Guard plate around the EL34s. Note the short tag board, the insulated stand-offs under the fuse-holder, and the large transformers with bare metal shrouds. Further pics on the .

Mustard capacitors have date codes C4N (third quarter of 1964) and B5N (second quarter of 1965). Triumph had substantial stocks of these. The blue Hunts 16uf capacitor has the code "HUS" = 26th week of 1965.

Serial number 1414 - currently in Europe

Chassis number 02142. The speaker cabinet is from early 1968 or later, as can be seen by the solid state style logo and the Goodmans Audiom 81s with special Goodmans labels (for JMI). Similar labels can be found on certain Goodmans !8" drivers in Foundation Bass cabs sold by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (which took over unsold JMI stock in mid '68). No visible date codes on components in the amplifier section.


Serial number 1532 - currently in Europe

Chassis assembled under contract by Triumph Electronics for JMI. The latest visible component date code is on one of the Hunts capacitors - "HUS" = 26th week of 1965. Note the insulated stand-offs under the fuse holder. For other amps assembled by Triumph, .

Serial number 1534 - currently in Italy

Chassis number 1918. A nicely restored AC100. An early instance of green TCC capacitors in the preamp (cathode bypass capacitors for the ECC83). Green TCCs occur next (or at least are next visible) on The white warning plaque is original; the voltage selector a replacement (the original was broken). Of great interest is the cab with its set of Goodmans speakers and horns - see . Note that the handwheel (picture 13) has incised letters in common with other later UK-made trolleys.

The restoration work was undertaken by the amp's owner: Andrea Spallone - Guitar Repairs, Campobasso - Italy. Thanks to Andrea for new details.

Serial number 1540 - currently in Germany

Assembled by Triumph Electronics - registered on this page.

Serial number 1553 - currently in the USA

Chassis number C1902? Sold on ebay in 2007. Preamp extensively refurbished. Grille cloth later changed to brown to match a reproduction 2 x 15" cab.

Serial number 1561 - formerly in Denver, USA, now in Seattle

Chassis number C1885. Pictured with a Vox 4 x 12 cab. Restored seven years ago and brought back to full working order, this is the main gigging amp of Hank of "Hank and the Hankstirs". Normally, as one hears it in the clip above, the amp is run through a Vox Essex cab (2 x 12). A really fine sounding (and nice looking) AC100. The band's website is .

Further images

The amp in 2012, having been expertly tidied and restored, accompanying a great AC100 cabinet. Thanks to Tom for the pictures.

The amp now in Seattle - thanks to Walt for the pictures.

2013 - sold by .

Sold through Emerald City Guitars.

Serial number 1565 - currently in the USA

The amp looks as though it is in good condition. A few changes/renewals in the preamp and power section.

Serial number 1569 - currently in the USA?

Sold on ebay in 2010. Old style white warning plaque. A strange array of speaker output jack sockets added.

Serial number in the 1500s - currently in the US

Chassis number 1850. An AC100 inside an AC50 box. Thanks to Matt for the pictures.


Serial number probably in the 1500s - currently in the UK

Chassis number 1823. In the preamp, the principal filter caps are two green TCC and one blue Hunts, the cathode bypass are blue Hunts. Output transformer and most of the power section components removed. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.

Serial number 1579 - currently in the UK

  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579
  • Vox AC100 no. 1579

Chassis no. 1846. An amp with few changes. An inspection tag is still attached to the preamp tagboard. Probably made April/May 1966. Pot codes are "KM" and "AN" = November 1965 and January 1966; and gold 8uf TCC capacitor in the bias string, date code "XB" = February 1966; blue Erie 25uf cap. in the preamp, date code "YIU" = 3rd week of 1966.

Serial number 1580 - currently in the UK

  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580
  • Vox AC100 no. 1580

Originally supplied by "Music Marquee", 47 Notte Street, Plymouth - presumably in the second quarter of 1966. The amp is in excellent original condition - the preamp is completely untouched, and only one observable change in the power section. Thanks to Mike for the pictures.

Serial number 1584 - currently in the UK

Chassis no. 1810. Probably used by a Birmingham (UK) band. Repaired in 1969 and 1971 - a new valve socket, Bulgin plug, jack plugs for speaker outs. The output transformer was mounted upside down, such that the primary leads had to be passed through holes on the upper chassis. Similar transformers occur in serial no. 1099 and in two amps with numbers probably in the 1000s and 1100s - see the . The date codes of the preamp filter capacitors are unfortunately hidden, but one of the pots has AN, signifying January 1966. The main filter caps have the code XB = February 1966. The amp is currently (25th June 2011) being tidied up and returned to working order. The first ten pics are from the ebay auction, the next twelve further details of the original state.

3rd July 2011: the amp is now in working order again (last seven pictures). The wiring has been tidied up, and the output transformer remounted the right way round. The EL34s that came with the amp, presumably put in c. 1970 - two Mullards and two Matsushitas - are still good. This AC100 has a huge thump. My theory is that amps that were used for bass for most of their working lives always sound fuller than those used primarily for guitar.

Serial number 1591 - currently in the US?

A nice looking MacCartney-ised rig - repro brown grille cloth, covers and stand. Note that the amp (or rather its box) still has its hangtag. The white warning plaque may be a modern replacement, or original to an older box that has been used to rehouse the amp.

Serial number 1600 - currently in the US?

Sold on ebay a few years ago. Box in excellent condition, as is the amp. Few changed components. A pair of jack sockets (rather than a single? original Amphenol XLR socket) now on the back panel.

Serial number 1638 - currently in Spain

A Triumph-made amp, signed off by Graham, whose signature appears in other amps. See this page for further details. Thanks to Juan for notification of the existence of this amp.

Serial number 1654 - currently in the USA

Sold in early 2012. A replacement (Fender) output transformer, and large-format "VOX" logo, but otherwise in good condition. Original mains connector on the back panel.

Serial number 1657 - currently in the USA

Chassis number 01943. The choke has the date code "GW" = July 1965. One of the main filter caps has been renewed along with select components in the preamp. The box is chalked 119 inside. Thanks to Keith for the pictures.

Serial number 1669 - currently in the UK

Sold on, 2015. A nice rig. Only a few changes - mains transformer replaced, white Bulgin mains connector on the backboard, a few capacitors renewed, and a US silver alnico in the speaker cab (presumably a replacment for an original that had blown.). The wiring in the speaker cab is intact. Terminals on the Celestions are still on the struts, rather than on tagboards. The connector on the cab is a rectangular Cannon, not a round Amphenol.

Serial number 1674 - currently in Connecticut

Another nice AC100, original XLR and mains connectors still on the back panel. The mains and output transformers have the unpainted tops typical of Triumph-made amps. See for instance the AC100s on .

Serial number 1677 - current whereabouts unknown

Only the serial number plate for the time being.

Serial number 1708 - currently in Italy

Serial number 1711 - currently in France

Chassis number 1251. Some changes externally and internally, the amp is currently being restored. Thanks to Camille for the pictures.

Serial number 1714 - currently in the USA

Pictured in company with an early AC50 large box speaker cahinet - late 1964 / early 1965. Thanks to Ihor for signalling the existence of this amp (sold in the USA earlier this year).

Serial number 1740 - currently in the USA

Chassis number 1878. A nicely restored AC100. Thanks to Jimi for the pictures.

Serial number 1746 - currently in Russia

Thanks to Vladimir for the pictures.

Serial number 1752 - currently in the UK

Amp built by Triumph Electronics and .

Serial number 1767 - currently in the USA

The box only of serial number 1767, original fittings still in place on the back panel. Pictures from .

Serial number 1769 - currently in Europe

Perhaps with its original 2 x 15" cab. The amp has been modified, as the pictures indicate: the original warning lamp has been rejected in favour of an extra control, and a small switch sits beside it - presumably either a boost, or a means of switching a middle control in and out.

Serial number 1777? - currently in the USA

Chassis no. 1918. Note the two-line serial number plate and the sticker "Vox Room Guitar Center. Put back into full gigging order, with adjustable bias to cope with the vagaries of modern valves. Thanks to Chip for the pictures.

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