Vox PA units

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Picture reproduced from J. Elyea, Vox Amplifiers, The JMI Years, p. 95. London, Russell Hotel Music Fair, August 1967. Of particular interest are the amp and cab on the left, and the small cab on a tilt stand, low centre.

The speaker cab with the angled front may be a large Gyrotone unit. The amp (all solid state) was not put into production by Vox / JMI, but by Jennings Electronic Industries, the company set up by Tom Jennings after the demise of Vox. The legend on the strip certainly says "VOX" and perhaps "PA50" after it.

This amp is rumoured to have been at the Trade Show of 1968. It is certainly a JEI (Jennings) product, but almost identical in appearance (save the lack of reverb) to the Vox amp in the late 1967 show.

What is this? Not a Gyrotone. Could it be a horn unit with a tripartite front? But why is it on a tilt stand? The front of the unit is 5 1/2 diamonds high.

This came from ebay in 2012. The front is 4 1/2 diamonds high. Five Celestion horns (dated 1966) are inside. The impedance, 15 ohms, is the standard impedance for Vox solid state equipment. For further pictures, .

Vox promotes its accomplishments in PA systems

A page from "Beacon", July 1967, the Journal of the Royston Group of Companies - the group that owned JMI. Pictured is Cyril Windiate, secretary to Tom Jennings. The piece extols the virtues of a PA system set up by Vox.

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