A Vox AC100 speaker cabinet from 1965

An AC100 speaker cab from 1965 - completely unchanged. Original Celestion T1088 silver alnico speakers, Goodmans Midax horns, wiring loom, and Cannon XLR connector in place. One swivel mount remains.

One of the Celestions, released from the baffle but not disconnected, bears the date code "0EK". "EK" signifies May 1965, the day date 10th, 20th, or 30th.

Speakers with "EK" codes are also found in the cab issued in 1965 with , so it seems likely that this one originally accompanied a late cathode biased amp, or perhaps a "100W Amplifier" (manufactured June-August '65).

Note the tightness of the wiring loom, especially the feed to the Cannon XLR on the back board. There is not enough slack to stand the board on the floor.

The speaker lead may be the original - rubberised two core cable (red and black) wrapped in cloth. One Cannon female connector remains, the other now being an old jack plug.