MARK 1 TROLLEYS - basket on top

A surviving Mark 1 trolley with its amp - serial no. 225, registered on this page. Note that the cab (and the amp) have no corner protectors.

A promotional picture from 1965 - a Mark 1 trolley and a later amp. The cab has corner protectors.

It is likely that very few AC100 SDLs were made in 1964. The Beatles had two, another is seen in September 1964, two more in October 1964 (see below for those), and a sixth survives (the one pictured above), but that is pretty much it in terms of definite examples.

The AC100 SDL, however, does figure in the pricelist of September 1964. And it is worth noting too that serial no. 262, a black panel amp from late 1964, originally had a 4x12 cabinet, from which two horns survive.


Paramount Theatre, 20th September 1964. The trolleys have had their casters removed. Note the relative thinness of the uprights, narrower than the double lines of string round the cabs.

Lennon mucking about on the set of one of the Christmas Shows, 1964; in the studio.

The Beatles at City Park, New Orleans, 16th September, 1964. Note the corner protectors on both cabs. Photo from .

GRANADA TV, September 1964

A Granada TV band competition, late September 1964 - "Ready, Steady, Win" - the Bo Street Runners won the equipment (note the early AC50 trolleys too), and "The Harbour Lights" won the Commer van.


The Stones in the studio of the American Theatre, Brussels, 18th October 1964, broadcast November 1964. See this page.

Brian Jones on stage at Olympia, Paris, 20th October 1964.


Top, the Kinks on "Top of the Pops", November 1964; underneath, the Yardbirds possibly on the same show - note the equipment is the same.

MARK 2 TROLLEYS - parallel bars on top

to be continued......