Recollections of Max the Mod

"I hope the following information is useful to you in your search. I am also a musician and played in several bands in the 1960s and owned an AC 100 and currently have a Super Beatle and several Rickenbacker's. First of all, I think you can safely say that the first use of the AC 100 by the Who was at the Marquee Club on April 27th 1965. This was the final night of the residency. I talked about this on my website."

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"I was very close to the stage that night and was in awe. I had seen the band for the last four weeks and Pete had been using old Marshall cabinets with a 50 W Marshall head and a Selmer head as a booster. There was one occasion where there was a Fender Head but definitely absolutely nothing from Vox."

"The Who opened up with 'I'm a Man' which they have not played for the previous two weeks. This was normally the closing song....."

"For some unexpected reason, the Vox head overheated. Pete was fiddling with it in a solo break and it started distorting very badly and caught fire. I was well aware that this was a genuine malfunction. There was a stink of ozone and Pete disconnected the head and chucked it across the stage nonchalantly. In the meantime, the roadies assembled his Marshall set up while the song continued. That was my first introduction to the AC 100! I had already seen them in music stores so I was aware of the product."

"The Who used Vox set up until at least November 2nd 1965. I saw them again at the Marquee Club and this was a date which was billed as the return of the Who. Pete was using the two AC 100s and John was using 2 x T 60 bass amps. Pete's Rickenbacker sounded like a 1000 church bells chiming... the amps sounded fantastic! The stage sound deteriorated considerably when Pete started using a Telecaster and Marshall set up. The sound was never the same."

"I went to Ireland in early 1966 with my band 'The Next in Line'. We came over to London for a television broadcast sometime in May and I went to Jennings musical instruments in Charing Cross Rd. There was a repair shop upstairs and the technician had a sideline in selling amplification without the rating plates. I purchased an AC 100 head very cheaply ( I cannot remember how much!) And took it back to Ireland and used it with a 4 x 12 custom cabinet. It was a fantastic amp and I continued to use it after joining a 'Wild Uncertainty' in October 1966. See link below:"


"Look carefully at the Blow Up movie scene with Jeff Beck and The Yardbirds. I am in the front row in front of Jeff. He had an AC100 Cabinet with and AC 30 Chicken Wired on top...It was great fun to be a part of the movie and I got paid as well! This was in October 1966."

For a selection of stills from "Blow Up" showing the Vox equipment in detail, .

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