Jennings Electronic Industries V30

Little is known at present of the new range of Jennings amps in purple. It seems likely, however, that they came onto the market in 1973 and lasted until 1975.

The preamp of the V30 is closely related to that of the V100 - for examples of the latter. Whether there was a V15 remains to be seen.

Two models of V30 were issued: one with reverb, the other without.

The source most likely to be revealing is "Beat Instrumental" magazine. Further details will be posted as soon as they are to hand.

Either transitional from AC40 to V30 (c. 1973), or end of days (c. 1975)

An extremely unusual Jennings amp - a rare bird indeed. The control panel is at back, instead of front-facing (as in the case of the most Jennings combos). The cab is similar to the Jennings T50 (see the image below), but the chassis is a standard (old-style) AC40. Electronics beautifully wired; mustard capacitors throughout. The speakers currently in the cab are Fanes, perhaps the originals, date 05/75. Thanks to Steve for the pictures.

Serial number 509 - currently in Germany

Nice cosmetic and electronic condition. Speakers are of the same type as the amp at the foot of this page (Celestion G12S, bass resonance). The date code is _F27 = 27th of some month in 1973. Thanks to Arno for the pictures.

Serial number 565 - currently in the UK

A reverb model. An extra jack socket has been added on the control panel, perhaps a preamp line out. One Celestion G12S, perhaps with a grey cover, though light or fading may have skewed the colour. Its code is not fully discernible - looks as though it ends "87", however.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

A great V30, in good condition. The Rola Celestion speakers have the code GJ 16 = 16th July 1976.

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