Jennings Electronic Industries RT10

The Jennings version of the Leslie and Vox Gyrotone rotating speaker units, complete with an on/off footswitch and cover.

Its power handling is described in a source from 1972 as being 20 watts. The drivers are 10" Celestions - probably 7442s.

Designed primarily for use in the studio - for guitar. Note the mention of Hank Marvin in the extract below.

Introduced in time for the British Musical Instrument Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, London, August 1969.

Beat Instrumental magazine, October 1969
Beat Instrumental magazine, October 1969

Extract from the report of the BMI show

The unit was certainly still in production in July 1972 - cost £83.00 (mentioned in a Beat Instrumental section on "Amplifiers") - and was probably available thereafter, though it does not appear in the pricelist of December of that year.

Further details will be added when they have been assembled.

Two Jennings RT10s

JEI rotary speaker unit

Casters and metal corners added, but otherwise original. Survives with its cover

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