Jennings Electronic Industries J100 combo

Sounds Incorporated, early or mid 1969, with a good line-up of Jennings solid state equipment: two J100 combos, a B100 bass amp and 2x15" speaker cabinet; an electric bongo drum; a 100W PA amp and two column speakers; and a Gyrotone.

J100 combos were elegantly slim, their depth being little more than the depth of the Celestion drivers. At back, the cabinets were open, the two panels blanking off around two thirds of the speaker compartment.

Along with the J40, the J100 was one of the first guitar amps marketed by Tom Jennings's new company, initially "Jennings Electronic Developments" (in mid 1968), then "Jennings Electronic Industries" by 1969.

For an overview of the J100 as a separate amplifier unit, .

The first definite reference to the J100 combo comes in July 1969, as a sort of preview of the BMI show in August 1969:

Beat Instrumental magazine, July 1969.

British Musical Instrumental Trade Fair, August 1969. This picture is NOT from 1968 as has been claimed. The J100 combo is over to the left, under the PA column. Note on the back wall a large version of the photo at the top of this page.

Beat Instrumental, February 1970. Note that the J100 was available in three forms - the amplifier as a separate, a combo, and with a D4 speaker cab.

The price of a combo was £215.00 against £225.00 for the amplifier and separate D4 speaker cabinet. The Shadows are recorded users of the latter set up.


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