Jennings Electronic Industries

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1970 - 1971

In 1970 the "Jennings Electronics Industries" range expanded, the cycle of promotional material in "Beat Instrumental" magazine naturally picking up in parallel.

We have the J200, designed for lead guitar, and capable of producing 200W; and the Two and Three Manual portable organs. Prices for various items in the JEI range are given in February 1970.

For 1968 and 1969, A selection of surviving JEI amplifiers and speaker cabinets can be found here. Those pages are soon to be updated.

Beat Instrumental snippets and adverts, 1970-1971

January 1970 - advert for organs.

January 1970 - a note on the topology of the amps. All had a feed that could be tapped directly from the preamp - useful for recording, and potentially for driving a valve power section.

February 1970 - advert.

February 1970 - the section on JEI from the "Focus on Amplifiers". The 200W J200 depicted and the prices of items given, though none for the organs which were advertised in January. Still nothing valve-based in the range at this point.

October 1970 - the time-honoured report of the instrument show - the Associated Musical Instrument Industries Fair - in August. The appearance of the all-valve Jennings AC40 signalled. For surviving examples, see this page.


Full-page advert in Beat Instrumental, August 1971. Represented are the JEI Gyrotone, J40, J100, PA100, a B100 (?), and a J72 organ.

Preview of the Associated Musical Instrument Industries fair in August 1971. The J70 and J71 organs being assembled in time for the show. The JEI AC40 is mentioned as still having draw-bar tone controls.

October 1971: brief notices from the August instrument fair in August.

Full-page advert from December 1971. Tom Jennings's previous company, Jennings Musical Industries (JMI), had already produced a rifle guitar - the Winchester - modelled by Pete Quaif and Ray Davies of the Kinks on Top of the Pops in 1968.

Prices given for the three organs - J70, J71 and J72 - along with the organ amps and the Gyrotone/Leslie - the PO1 pulsation unit

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