Jennings Electronic Industries


Four principal types of cab were produced by Jennings Electronic Industries:

  • D4 - a 4 x 12", 100W power handling.
  • B3 - 1 x 15", designed for bass, probably 50W.
  • T100 - 2 x 15", again designed for bass, probably 100W.
  • T50 - 2 x 12", a guitar extension cab, 50W.

Also in Jennings livery, a tall 1 x 18" / 1 x 15" cab, similar to the Vox Super Foundation bass cab

Cabinet Type D4

A smart (though empty) 4 x 12 sold in Germany, where these cabs seem to have popular. Ebay around 2009. From pictures below, Celestion Greenbacks seem to have been the norm, wired for 4 ohms.

Sold on in early 2012.

Another ebay cab sold some time ago. Note the green label Goodmans Power Range speakers.

Also from an old ebay auction. The grille cloth has been replaced with Rose Morris cloth.

For reference purposes, a 4 x 12" Vox Multi-Link cab (from the solid state line), similar in size and proportions to the Jennings cabs, but fitted out very differently.

Cabinet Type B3

A nice 50W solid state bass / organ set up - single 18 inch Goodmans Power Range speaker.

Jennings 2 x 15" (T100)

A fine 2 x 15" from the mid seventies (also illustrated on a previous page)

Jennings T50 (2 x 12")

Probably the first T50 to have been produced, serial numbers beginning at 2001 (ie. this one). The cab immediately below is number 2027. Note that the arrangement of the front of the T50 was inverted at some point in production (the plain strip later came to be at top). Another instance of "logo at bottom" has been seen in a Jennings cabinet - details will be posted as soon as they come to hand. Many thanks to Michael for the pictures.

A fine Jennings T50, currently in Germany - . The Celestion Greenbacks have the date codes LE 2BX = November 1972.

Jennings (?) 1 x 18"

A tall ported 1 x 18" bass cab. Livery is Jennings but logo is VOX. At least three other cabs of this sort are known to survive - another below with Vox style grille cloth, though the diamonds are tiny (note the normal size on the T60 amp in the first pic).


Rotating speaker cabinet - RT10

A Jennings gyrotone sold on ebay in mid 2012. The arrangement and circuit presumably mirrors that of the gyrotones produced by Vox to augment its solid state line. See also .

Electric Bongos / Tympanum - T1

A really peculiar Jennings catalogue item - electric bongos no less. A set can be seen in a photograph of the Jennings display at the British Musical Industries fair in 1969 - available on this page.



A reverb unit in mid-seventies purple livery. Thanks to Justin for the first image. See for further pictures.

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