Jennings Electronic Industries B100

Produced from 1969 - c. 1973

The blurb reads: "Bass amplifier with 100 watt output at 4 ohms. Two inputs with volume, treble and bass controls. Normally supplied with one 18" loudspeaker. Cabinet 26" x 16" x 22" Type B.1. Alternatives are Type B.2 twin 15" loudspeaker cabinet 35" x 10" x 22", or Type D.4 four 12" speaker cabinet 35" x 19" x 12". Amplifier dimensions 18" x 8" x 7 1/2."

The B100 first appeared in public at the British Musical Industries fair in August 1969. See the report

The amp's power section is the same as that of the PA100 - , and the JEI O100 (for organ). Its preamp is the same as that of the B50.

Prices in February 1970. Note the presence of a Jennings O100 designed for organ. The O100 was probably designed alongside the B100 and exhibited at the BMI fair in August 1969.

Prices in December 1972. Note that the B100 has come down in price by £100. The O100, which is on the other side of the page, is listed at £95.

JEI B100 serial number 2176

A JEI O100

A Jennings O100 organ amplifier, complete with insets for the control knobs. As mentioned above, the power section of the O100 is the same as that in the PA100 and B100.

The preamp, shared with the JEI O50, is specially "voiced" or perhaps "unvoiced" for organ. In Feb. 1970, "Beat Instrumental" magazine reported its attributes:

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