An AC100 cab from 1966 with Goodmans speakers

formerly in Italy, now in the UK

The cab in Italy - from .

Below, pictures taken shortly after the cab had arrived in the UK.

Condition of the cab is generally excellent, and most of the original wiring remains, as do the handwheels, and the Amphenol XLR socket.

It turned out, however, that three of the speakers had blown, and one of the Midax horns, so the former went off to Wembley Loudspeakers in Shepherd's Bush for reconing - a time-consuming business getting the units out of the cab as the nuts had rusted solid to the screws. But they came free. A replacement Midax was found on ebay.

At some point in the 1980s it seems that the facility (a mass of extra wiring) had been added for switching between one pair of speakers and all four, and / or to bypass the horns.


The main body of the cabinet and baffle is Baltic birch ply, the runners sometimes reinforced with extra thicknesses. The back-boards are chip-board (particle board). Top and bottom are marked for orientation "T" and "B".

"CH", chalked on the centre back panel, indicates "Checked". The same chalking can be seen on 7-series cabs produced in 1966.

Note that the VOX logo on the handwheels is incised in outline, rather than relief stamped. This is simply a variant UK style.

The Goodmans 241s

Below, the first three images are quick shots of one of the speakers shortly prior to going off for reconing. The second three are one of the units following refurbing.

Goodmans 241s, which were used by Selmer far more often than Vox, are great speakers. Vox used them only for a short time in 1966 for AC50 and AC100 cabs.

General views of the cab (post-fix)

As mentioned above, most of the original wiring loom survived. It was a simple job to lengthen those sections that had been trimmed.

3rd October 2015 - unused green Goodmans labels

Bought on Certainly original, ie. not reproduction. Note that unused labels for bass speakers survive too - .