Celestion 18" speakers - 1964 to 1967

These are real heavyweights - cast iron frame, thick paper cone, and sturdy terminal board. Produced by Celestion for Vox (initially exclusively for the Foundation Bass cab). The driver is rated at 50-60W.

The T1079 (first half of 1964)

An early Celestion 18" in 1964 Vox blue from a Foundation Bass cab, long gone. The speaker lived, for years, in the large Marshall-format box pictured above. This one tests at 8ohms, which indicates that it was refurbished at some point. Indicative of refurbing too are the broken sticker (for access to the dust-cover screw).

The T1108 (from mid 1964 to early 1965)

Effectively the same as the speaker illustrated above, but sprayed silver (poly grey).

A speaker now separated (presumably salvaged) from its cab.

The Foundation Bass cab accompanying large box AC50 serial no. 1360. Further pics of the amp and cab are available .

From 1965 the 18 inch speaker most commonly used by Vox was the Goodmans Audiom 91, however, 50 watt and 100 watt versions. Examples can be .

T1296 (1966 on)

The speaker redesigned

A T1296 in place in a Foundation Bass cab; beneath it the cab's port.

Salvaged from the remains of a Foundation Bass cab. Note the "T1296" stamped on the rim.

The T1296 remained in use in "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd" days, after JMI had folded. Note, however, that the cab has a serial plate with "Vox Sound Ltd.", the successor company to VSEL.

A silver T1296 in a Marshall bass cab (model 1988) said to be from c. 1969 - 1970. It is hard to see how the baffle attaches to the cab, but it clearly does in some way.

Later Celestion 18" Greenbacks (late 1960s / 1970s)

A G12C from the early 1970s, identical in build to the speakers sprayed grey for Vox in the late 1960s.

Of a similar speaker, "Dr Decibel" of Celestion stated "The 18 is a G18-200 or 250. Both have a 3" coil, with a claimed response from 25-5000Hz. The 250 had a 26lb magnet assy, and the 200 had a 14lb assy. Really nice old speaker dating from sometime in the 70's. Should have really natural deep bass and low distortion, but to be honest I doubt if it goes up to 5k as claimed, due to the rubber edge. A serious subwoofer driver for the 70's though, and these old speakers were beautifully built."

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